Take Action

Here is a list of current supporters who have declared they are proud to stand up for getting WRVU back on the FM dial!

Pioneers $1 - $99
Mark D. Webb
Ghettobilly Band
Fred I Katz
Rudy Katz
Becky Bembry
P. Michael Quinn
Brad Pemberton
J. Ramming
Robert Cimitile
George Caleb Ladd
Courtney Bates
Paul C. Bradley
James R. Bradley, Jr.
Valentino Bucci
Lindsay Chambers
Thunder Duvall
Michael Friddell
Yarg Hluchan
Nat J. Howry
Mark Hubbard
Chase Kojaian
John Nemoy
Frances Scudder
Eight O' Five Jive
Currie Cole Smith
Daniel Stroud
Annie Weisner
Headliners $100 - $249
Arlene Boudreaux
A. Shannon O'Rourke
Mike Hester
Brian E. Bomstein
Chance Allen
Melanie T. Kowalski
Kathryn Rogers Purselle
Ryan Barack
David Barie
Mary Bristow
Myka Carroll
Ashley Crownover
Mark Greene
Molly Hall
Jamie Kelley
Heather Lose
"The Professor"
Henrik Meng
Chris Miller-McLemore
Caroline Roberts
Jack "$ass" Wongananda
Laura Yoo
Celebrities $250 - $499
Justin Walsh
Jeremy Benjamin
Terry Mulvaney
Rockstars $500 - $999
Michael Scott Cardone
Adrian Biltoft, LEED AP
Jess Boone
Audrey Clarke
Mary Hall
Sharon Scott
DJ Ron
Pete Wilson
Icons $1000+
Gwen Creel-Erickson
Jim Ballowe
Phil Lepanto
Brennan Price
Want your name on this list?


Special thanks to these businesses that have shown their support for bringing the station back.
Advantage Sign Co.
Ben & Jerry's
Clothing Xchange
Color My Shirt
Cool Stuff Weird Things
Diamond Star Halo Vintage
Dungeon Promotions
The Groove
Hotel Indigo
Maximum Casual Tee Designs
Monkey Drive Screenprinting
The Muse Nashville
Professional Reprographics
Soundland / Next Big Nashville

Call To Action

We need your help to build our organization. Publicity, management, research, and lawyers all take time and money from people that care about saving the station.

Your donation of money and/or time will go to WRVU Friends and Family, a non-profit organization. Our organization will use that money to do the best job we can to bring WRVU back to 91.1 FM and to student management.

Follow Us

The WRVU Friends & Family organization has received nonprofit designation from the State of Tennessee. The organization is currently in the process of applying to the IRS for Federal 501(c)3 status. Donations made now will be retroactively tax-deductible once 501(c)3 status is achieved.

100% of the funds collected by WRVU Friends & Family will be used in the campaign to try and keep 91.1 FM alive.

WRVU Friends & Family at: wrvu@nolo.tv