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WRVU Friends & Family is using Pay Pal to collect donations towards the recovery of 91.1 FM. We would also like to take the opportuntiy to collect some supporter information that we can send to Vanderbilt in regards to the proposed frequency sale. Please follow these steps:

  1. Enter your Name and Email Address in the form below, then we'll send you to PayPal.
  2. Once you complete your donation on the PayPal site, you'll be sent back to our site.
  3. We will then ask you a couple more questions about the value of WRVU.

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Checks or Money Orders made out to the "WRVU Friends & Family" may be sent to:

  • WRVU Friends & Family
  • P.O. BOX 120674
  • Nashville, TN 37212

Call To Action

We need your help to build our organization. Publicity, management, research, and lawyers all take time and money from people that care about saving the station.

Your donation of money and/or time will go to WRVU Friends and Family, a non-profit organization. Our organization will use that money to do the best job we can to bring WRVU back to 91.1 FM and to student management.

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The WRVU Friends & Family organization has received nonprofit designation from the State of Tennessee. The organization is currently in the process of applying to the IRS for Federal 501(c)3 status. Donations made now will be retroactively tax-deductible once 501(c)3 status is achieved.

100% of the funds collected by WRVU Friends & Family will be used in the campaign to try and keep 91.1 FM alive.

WRVU Friends & Family at: wrvu@nolo.tv